Corporate Design


Stand out from the crowd and have your Membratech® A-Series customized and handcrafted by our partner “DK Design Custom”. Well-known international personalities and mega brands have already opted for the corporate design variant and own unmistakable unique pieces of their Membratech® A-Series.

As individual as you

Don't you want anything off the peg? The corporate designs of our partner "DK Design Custom" go one better and turn your Membratech® A series into an unmistakable one-off that you will enjoy every day.

High cost savings

With the Membratech® A-Series, you can enjoy pure drinking water of spring water quality for approx. 5 cents/liter thanks to its high cost-effectiveness.

Advertise with sustainability

Present yourself to your employees and business partners as a future-oriented company that attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection.

Membratech® A505 Maschine Handmade Custom für Scott Redding 45
Membratech® A505 Maschine Handmade Custom für BMW
Cost savings
Pure drinking water