Thanks to advanced nanotechnology, the Membratech® A-Series safely removes even small molecular contaminants such as viruses, hormones, pharmaceutical residues, chemicals and microplastics from drinking water.

Yes, the Membratech® A-Series removes minerals and salts in addition to all substances present in the water. However, these only occur in water in dwindling amounts. Due to the purity of the water, the hydrogen molecule can again absorb and remove pollutants in your body. However, we offer an alkaline upgrade for certain models, through which the drinking water is enriched with organic minerals after purification.

Yes, of course! The Membratech® A-Series is now used with great success on 4 continents around the globe. Even in India, Sri Lanka, South Africa or North America, it provides reliable service despite sometimes difficult water conditions and generates pure drinking water in source water quality free of viruses, hormones, drug residues, chemicals and microplastics.

Yes, of course! Each model of the A-Series is not only a powerful miniature waterworks, but also a true design object. Noble metallic or pearl effect lacquers with Membratech® logo in Swarovski finish can be realized as well as special requests with, for example, Murano glass, gold leaf, diamond or leather finishing.

With our DK Design Custom Line we also produce, among other things, individual special designs for motor sports.

The Membratech® A-Series requires very little maintenance. The pre-filters only need to be replaced after 9,000 liters of flow or after 12 months at the latest. The membranes only after 25,000 liters or 42 months at the latest.

The installation of the Membratech® A-Series, like its use, is very user-friendly. The supply line is mounted on the cold water line under the sink by means of the supplied branch valve and the waste water line is attached to the siphon by means of the supplied special sleeve. 

Yes, of course! We offer attractive and gladly chosen rental conditions for companies.